Tuesday, April 28, 2009

eBay Selling Manager Applications (Project Echo) Workshops and Forums @ eBay Developers Conference

Join us at eBay Developers Conference June 16-18th in beautiful San Jose, CA, and find out how to take your application to the next level on the eBay platform!

eBay is now open for business! eBay Selling Manager Applications take our Platform to the next level by allowing developers to embed applications directly into "My eBay", where hundreds of thousands of eBay sellers manage their online business.

Come learn about developing Selling Manager Applications along with:
  • The Selling Manager Applications Opportunity
  • A demo of the seller discovery and subscription experience
  • Technical details and considerations to help you develop and integrate your application
  • Q&A with eBay Project Echo team (now known as Selling Manager Applications)

Although eBay Developers Conference is aimed at developers and software engineers, eBay sellers interested in attending can take advantage of a unique opportunity to network and discuss selling needs and inefficiencies directly with the companies and individuals creating tools and solutions for eBay.

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