Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easy Listing Revisions for eBay – Bulk Editing

Following up on the topic of Bulk Editing from eBay’s Webinar, we’d like to provide more information on how eBay Certified Providers provide the tools and assistance eBay sellers need. Particularly on the topic of Listing Revisions and Bulk Editing.

While all Listing tools offer bulk management of eBay items, some eBay Certified Providers offer the ability to bulk search and replace, allowing you to efficiently change your listings to adhere to eBay policies.


  • Bulk search and replace in Item Description
  • Ability to edit any section of an eBay listing
  • Edit stored, scheduled and live inventory
  • Edit and update listings for multiple eBay IDs

All tools adhere to eBay policies on revising listings, and keep your recent sales where policy allows. See our listing revision policy for more information.

Certified Providers:


Please contact the Certified Provider direct and fully discuss your needs to decide if they offer the right tool for you. Or you may post a question on our eBay Certified Provider Discussion Board.

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