Friday, March 6, 2009

How Fast is Shipping with ShipRush? Watch this Video!

Watch as eBay PowerSeller quickshipelectronics demonstrates how fast and efficient they are at handling eBay sales and shipping thanks to ShipRush, an eBay Certified Provider.

Watch this fun and quick video -

Founded in 1992, Z-Firm has been making ShipRush since 1998. The ShipRush mission is to bring big-warehouse shipment automation to small businesses. ShipRush is "FedEx Compatible," "UPS Ready," "UPS OnLine Compatible," and DHL Certified.


Mark said...

"sends the Customer an email with a tracking number so they can follow package from our facility to their front door." I don't think so! This is USPS.

Ginger said...

The seller was referring to the tracking provided by USPS from their facility/location to the buyers. ShipRush does automatically email the buyer the tracking information and even post the tracking number in My eBay.

ScarlettJacob said...

This is a really fast service and i
have been using this service for
years now to courier.
Mio Navman M350D