Thursday, January 22, 2009

inkFrog Alleviates Bulk Editing for eBay Sellers

eBay Certified Provider inkFrog has developed a feature to help eBay sellers edit listings in bulk. Including live listings!

inkFrog's new feature is known as Globals and provides eBay sellers the ability to bulk edit and revise live listings! All a seller needs to do is set a new "rule" or "update" within Globals and apply this to all listings or specify which listing groups, i.e. saved listings, live listings, scheduled listings. Globals can be created and applied in bulk to change or revise payment options, checkout instructions, shipping, return policy and more.

In addition to Globals, inkFrog has also developed Find & Replace. Find & Replace targets eBay item descriptions. Sellers can "find" specific words/text within their item descriptions and "replace" with new updated text/information. For example, a seller can "find" all item listings with the text "money order" in the item descriptions, and "replace" with new text such as "I accept PayPal and payment upon pickup".

Both Globals and Find & Replace work with all eBay listing formats.

Visit inkFrog and sign-up for a 2 week free trial today!

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