Monday, December 8, 2008

Worldwide Brands and UPS Educational Video Series - Continued Part 2

eBay Certified Provider, Worldwide Brands, and UPS (United Parcel Service) have collaborated and created a helpful video series to assist eBay sellers with packing, fast shipping, returns and international shipping.

The second video in the series helps sellers tackle shipping and customer service together. Answer your eBay buyer's question of "Where is my package" with proactive email communications and package tracking with UPS.

Watch the 2 minute video, Better Customer Service, now.


Neil said...

Fantastic instructional videos -- extremely comprehensive! These really should be made available somewhere on on eBay for exposure to all smaller and medium level sellers who don't have these types of processes in place.

There are actually 12 different instruction video shorts, and they're all very applicable for all levels of sellers on eBay.

Ginger Leishman said...

Hello Neil,

Thanks for your comment!

We recommend eBay sellers check out and watch the whole educational video series from eBay Certified Provider Worldwide Brands and UPS.


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