Friday, March 7, 2008

Shopster Becomes Certified Provider

Today, drop shipping solution provider Shopster officially joined the ranks as eBay's newest Certified Solution Provider. This means that they have customers who use and recommend their solution, a product that integrates directly with eBay, and staff that know how selling on eBay works.

eBay sellers can use Shopster's product sourcing suppliers to augment their product line, test new products on the site, obtain related products for upsale and cross promotion to their current products. Their eBay Compatible Application allows sellers to quickly and easily list items on eBay that are available from their qualified drop ship suppliers. The solution includes product data, inventory updates, order submission and tracking and dispute resolution through direct integration with their suppliers. Shopster suppliers are carefully scrutinized for product quality, authenticity, service and pricing. eBay welcomes them to the program.

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