Friday, March 7, 2008

Fair Helps Account Managers Recommend Solutions

Our Customer Support center in Salt Lake City, UT held it's third Certified Provider Fair on Thursday, February 21st to educate eBay account managers on Certified Provider solutions that help their sellers be more efficient and profitable.

The ten attending Certified Providers were able to exhibit their services and software to over 300 eBay employees, including Account Managers, Seller Outreach, OnRamp Business Consultants, PowerSeller/Stores Support, Listing Tools, eBay Motors and more. eBay employees in Salt Lake interacted with each attending Certified Provider in the table top style event. They viewed product demos, discussed each solution and relayed ideas and feedback on what their eBay sellers needs are. Here's who attended this round:

eBay Certified Providers continue to excel at answering the needs of our sellers by offering software to manage emails, streamline shipping, product sourcing, track profits, marketing your brand, research, outsourced listing management, consulting & education and listing tools to manage inventory and save time.

Feedback from all attending eBay employees has been very positive.

A week does not go by that I don't recommend a Certified Provider to one of my top seller managed accounts. I am not just saying that, I honestly do recommend these companies to my accounts and many of my accounts are seeing the benefits,” said Kristina Driggs, eBay Top Seller Account Manager and Cause Marketing Specialist. “I even made recommendations to several of the Certified Providers on products they can add or improve on to meet my seller's demands."

Derek Knox, eBay Top Seller Account Manager, also shared his opinion on the value of the Certified Provider Fair,

As an account manager I feel the Certified Provider Fair is a great event and resource. It is a great opportunity to meet and interact with these eBay partners, and ask more questions about how they will help my accounts with their eBay business and beyond.”

Certified Providers also felt the opportunity to come out to our Customer Support offices in Salt Lake was extremely beneficial. HostedSupport’s COO, Jerad Schempp, stated the value he found in being an eBay Certified Provider and exhibiting at the Certified Provider Fair.

“…the environment made it easy to speak directly with account managers. It was the perfect opportunity to spread the word about how HostedSupport can help an eBay seller manage their email and respond quickly and automatically to customer inquiries.”

Rafael Zimberoff, Product Manager of Z-Firm's ShipRush shipping software had this to say:

“Meeting the SLC team is like meeting the whole eBay world on the head of a pin. We are happy to bring ShipRush into the eBay world!”

To learn more about an eBay Certified Provider, the tools and services they provide, check out the eBay Certified Provider website


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